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Morning Coffee, September 2012


I’ve never quite been able to pinpoint why, but for some reason my family have always had leanings towards Scandinavia. My brother, an artist, is just home from a month’s residency in Falun, in central Sweden and visited Norway a year or two ago; another brother has taken several trips to Finland (even if Finland isn’t technically categorised as Scandinavian, rather ‘Nordic’) and as a family we’ve been to Sweden twice, Denmark twice and Finland once. We have a miniature collection of the Arabia Finland coffee mugs, of which we are very proud. With IKEA now here in Dublin, and their in-store advertising of their cheap and delicious coffee and cinnamon buns (kanelbullar), I don’t need to go into much detail about ‘Fika‘ (the essence of which is a coffee-and-something-sweet-break; a moment of pause, either alone or with someone else).


I decided to try making these cinnamon buns and I should say that it is a rather lengthy process from start to finish.  I used LondonEatsrecipe and it worked well (I think I didn’t let mine rise for quite long enough, so they were a little less soft than they should have been, but no less delicious for it – I just smothered them with more melted butter and cinnamon sugar after I took this photo). I also didn’t have the correct mini sugar cubes for the topping, so I just used a little granulated sugar instead.





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