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Wild Garlic, March 2013

DSCN1937                                       Wild Garlic at Howth, Co. Dublin

I found some wild garlic today, but it was far milder than the flat-leafed, star-flowered, utterly pungent sort that grows around Powerscourt. A little online probing showed it to be three-cornered garlic (Allium Triquetrum), also known as ‘onion weed’ and ‘three-cornered leek’, which was is what I heard it described as on Saturday Kitchen last week (yes I sometimes watch Saturday Kitchen). The pretty flowers are edible and it has a gentler garlic flavour than Allium Ursinum, or than regular bulb garlic for that matter. Because it is milder, it would be lovely in salads, pasta or served with homemade gnocchi – anywhere where ordinary garlic would be nice but might overpower, basically.

(This, by the way, is Allium Ursinum. Make sure it smells strongly of garlic, as it does look a little like some other plants, and then rinse carefully. It would be nice as a wilted green, a wild garlic pesto, or chopped finely into homemade mayonnaise with lemon)



1 comment on “Wild Garlic, March 2013

  1. It got pretty flowers!

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