A pretty idea for the prettiest, most flower-filled month in the year: flower petal ice cubes. These are are lovely in lemonade or summer drinks and they make a big impact for all the effort they take – just place edible petals in an ice tray and half fill with water. Freeze, add more petals and water and freeze again.

Edible flowers are everywhere – there’s probably some in the garden, and in a week or two there’ll be wild roses in hedgerows everywhere around Dublin, town and suburbs alike. There are even edible flowers for sale now – I spotted some in Fallon & Byrne, restrained in a plastic box in a chiller cabinet. Fallon & Byrne is great, but I found these plump, sad specimens a little unsettling – I think flowers are meant to be found and enjoyed outside.

DSCN4485 DSCN4510 DSCN4549 DSCN4569

Try these ice cubes with rose petals or buds, primroses, violets, geranium blooms, lavender, rosemary blossom, elderflower, marigolds, nasturtiums, chervil, borage, along with lemon or lime zest if you like.


1 comment on “Flower Petal Ice, May 2013

  1. Such a beautiful idea Ellen!

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