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Roasted Tortellini, May 2013


I love finding totally new ways to cook familiar ingredients – fried gnocchi, for example, turned out to be a revelation: soft on the inside, crisp and almost caramelized on the outside, as well as being amazing on salads, spaghetti and with roasted, torn salmon fillets, lemon zest and baby spinach leaves.

Roasting tortellini in oil and salt also worked out well, making for a delicious, hot, salty snack to pick at with drinks. I found that the smallest tortellini didn’t work as well as the slightly bigger, slightly looser shapes did, as the more filling the tortellini had the better they tasted when roasted. Cheese and ham was unsurprisingly tasty, along with lots of salt and a spicy tomato salsa.

To make them, pre-heat oven to around 180 degrees celsius. Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over the tortellini and give them a good shake on the tray. Bake for around 25 minutes or until golden and crisp and all puffed up and then sprinkle them with sea salt. Serve with a tomato dip of some sort, either fresh and zingy and cold or rich and spicy and warm.


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