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New season potatoes are always a treat. As well as being buttery & delicious with a slightly nutty flavour, Jersey Royals were traditionally the earliest of the lot, arriving in to the UK from late March onwards; a sign that spring must surely be on its way.

I was in Jersey two years ago (it’s a wonderful place; go if you can), but I didn’t get to sample the famous potatoes, as the season was long over by September. When I saw them on sale yesterday I decided that I had to give them a go at long last after reading so much about them while on the island.

But what to serve them with? Mint is the traditional accompaniment to new potatoes but since I had roasted them in olive oil & salt rather than steaming them in the usual way I wanted to pair them with a stronger, more robust, flavour. Since I did have a lot of mint to hand, I decided on a punchy salsa verde, tossed lightly with the potatoes just before serving. It was absolutely delicious, and would be the perfect side for early summer barbecues & outdoor gatherings.DSCN7209


Serves 4

16 Jersey Royals or other new potatoes

Olive oil

Smoked sea salt

A large handful of mint & parsley

A small handful of pistachio nuts

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 large clove of garlic

A generous squeeze of lemon

Roast the potatoes skins on in a little olive oil & salt in a hot oven for around 25 to 30 minutes. Roughly dice the garlic with the pistachio nuts and then blend with the mint & parsley leaves, the vinegar, the lemon juice and enough olive oil to give it your desired consistency. When the potatoes are tender, transfer to a warmed bowl and mix with the salsa verde. Serve with more chopped herbs, peas, radishes and buffalo mozzarella for a lovely & light spring meal.


2 comments on “Jersey Royals With Salsa Verde

  1. I wish I had the talent to write a post about just potatoes. Beautifully done.

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