More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Summertime, June 2013


While having my Saturday pastry (Superquinn pain au raisin with glacé cherry and white icing, always) and coffee in the garden this morning, I came across a line I liked in the Telegraph Magazine, from Ruth Rogers, of River Café fame:

‘The fancier the person or the more complex the dinner party, the simpler I make the food’.

It seems like a good motto, and especially so for summer, now that the most beautiful fruit and vegetables have (finally) started to appear in supermarkets and in gardens, requiring only salt, oil, cream or lemon juice to make them sing.

DSCN5031   DSCN4941   DSCN4986   DSCN4934

DSCN4943   DSCN4953 2   DSCN5047   DSCN4860

Cherries, chives, mixed Asian greens, coriander, mint, broad bean flower, Irish strawberries, basil and red oak lettuce salad

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